2016-17 Faculty Grants

The PHS Academic Foundation is proud to partner with school administration, teachers and staff to build the best possible learning environment for our students. This is done in large part through our faculty grant program.

The following grants were submitted by faculty and reviewed by Principal Rob Nelson during this academic year. School internal accounts and district funds are used when available. When they are not, the PHS Academic Foundation is able to step in. The following were funded by the PHS Academic Foundation, and are presented here in summary:

September 2016:

Summer training stipend for new teachers: $1750
Exceptional Education programs: $ 614
Department set of high level calculators for student use: $1580
Laptops for floating teachers: $2274
Classroom set of Spanish textbooks: $1000
Classroom sets of novels & English department resources: $944

October 2016:

Projectors for media center & math department: $2700
Classroom set of novels & conference registration for English: $1600
Laptop for a floating teacher: $1137
AP Environmental Science field trip: $2000

November 2016

ACT & EOC Workbooks for core subjects: $2600
Conference registrations for English department: $500
Laptop for a floating teacher: $1100
Classroom set of Latin textbooks: $350
Technology upgrades: $450

December 2016:

Electrical upgrades for the Science department: $1000
Field trip substitute teachers for Scient department: $200
Software renewal for Guidance: $400
Training travel reimbursement for English department: $250


Faculty Grant Application Guidelines

PHS Faculty! The PHS Academic Foundation looks forward to partnering with you this year. Our main purpose is to raise money for school-wide academic programs and teacher requests for academic focused needs. We have allocated $43,250.00 to teacher grants for this school year. Please help us put those dollars to work in your classrooms with creative initiatives that will make you and your students more successful.

Please submit this GRANT REQUEST FORM and supporting documentation to Mr. Nelson by the review deadline. You can find those dates and other details in these GUIDELINES . Please follow them carefully when completing your grant application.

Thank you for partnering with the PHS Academic Foundation, and best wishes for the 2016-17 school year!